Businesses are making commitments to stop the loss of nature

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360 forward-thinking businesses have already made commitments that will help reverse nature loss and restore the planet’s vital natural systems on which economies, wellbeing and prosperity depend. Join them!

Every business that has set targets related to nature has likely realized that it is an integral part of an organization’s ability to survive and grow. But nature cannot be defined by a single metric, and businesses may need several indicators according to their position in a value chain, relationship with nature, and/or geographic location. Business commitments for nature vary according to these indicators. 

Business for Nature commitment framework

Together, different commitments to nature make up a broader movement of business for a more sustainable future. We have identified some of the most impactful business commitment platforms through which businesses are taking a stand.

Join the Business for Nature community by choosing to make a commitment from those outlined below:  


Cross-cutting commitments

These commitments help to integrate nature considerations in decision making or impact on a wide range of issues related to the loss of nature.

Commit to applying natural capital thinking to improve organizational decision making



View the list of forward-thinking companies that have taken commitments on nature protection and conservation here.


To support companies in making impactful commitments and taking action,
Business for Nature encourages all companies to:


Learn more about how companies can prepare to set Science Based Targets for Nature


Take decisions based on an understanding of impacts and dependencies on natural capital by applying the Natural Capital Protocol (or a comparable framework)


Use practical guidance on making
commitments offered by the Accountability Framework 


Engage in climate change actions through the We Mean Business Coalition


Sign-up to the Nature-Based solutions for Climate manifesto and commit to scaling them up for mitigation, resilience and adaptation in key areas


The suggested commitments here are not intended as an exhaustive list. Business for Nature is working to identify additional commitment platforms and is interested in collaborating with organizations that are developing further commitment platforms. Please get in touch with us to discuss relevant commitments in more detail.

If you have an individual company commitment or action on nature we encourage you to upload it to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Agenda for Action to further demonstrate the scope of business action.

We recognize that each company is on a journey, and whether a company has chosen a particular approach or a combination of platforms, a commitment could be beneficial to some ecosystems and parameters, it could also be less beneficial or even detrimental to others.

Business for Nature endeavors to work with commitments that include a materiality analysis, for committed companies to check that the implementation of their commitment will not be detrimental in any material way.